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a film by Tim Gralke

stage: completed

length: 17:17 min

author & director: Tim Gralke

DoP: Olaf Kuzniar, Simon Jakeman

production company: BLACK MARKET filmproduction (Germany)

cast: Sophie Schlüter, Matthias Wollkowski, Dirk Hermann, Patricia Ekkert, Lars Kowalewski


After her miscarriage and the separation of her fiancé, young YAEL tries to find a way back into the world, to restart her life and to reactivate her senses. But she’s not yet ready, physically and emotionally.


The young woman YAEL is dancing wild with her whole power in her living room. While dancing, she forgets about, where she is, to be in wild powerful trance. She doesn`t notice, that blood is running down her leg as she has just had a miscarriage and is fighting against swinging moods and health problems. She smears the blood all over the floor and slips, hits her had on the desk and stays lying down on the floor. 

Her minimalistic neighbour Björn is having an intensive chess game against himself, when he hears the accident from YAEL`s apartment. He tries to look through the door viewer to stare on her door in hope to see anything. 

YAEL is in the supermarket and has more intensive senses than ever before. She smells the greens, vegetables and squashes a tomato to smell more o fit. An older woman is staring very surprised at her. At the supermarket checkout another customer is getting impatient and makes her look like a fool. She can not hide her depressive condition any more. That forces her into a corner. She screams at the cashier and runs out oft he supermarket where she has to vomit. 

When she comes home, she is so nervous, that she couldn`t get the keys into doorlock and it falls to the ground. She sits down on the stairs and tries to calm down and breathe. Björn is watching her and opens the door sheepish. They talk to each other for the first time and she gets calm and sad. YAEL gets over to the door and opens it when she noticed a drop of blood on the floor between her feet. That happens in front of the neighbour’s eyes and she flees into her apartment. 

She changes clothes and is sitting on the toilet with cramps and breaks down crying. 

In the evening, YAEL is sitting on her sofa, painting her toenails and calling with her best friend Leni. She is very disinterested to the phonecall and puts the phone aside while her friend keeps on talking. She is drinking the whole glass of wine, that was standing on the couch-table and gets up to get the bottle. Back on the sofa she hang up the call without saying anything and drinks from the bottle. She gets up again and walks over tot he apartments door. In the dark corridor, she sees the shadow of björn at the door crack. Both are standing inside at their own apartment door to feel each other like they were standing in front of each other. YEAL is asking into nowhere if he is there. He answers with a nod. She feels his reaction and breaks down crying.