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How to talk
to Lydia?

The film shows nature-loving people from Eastern Europe picking goods in high-tech German warehouses. Emotionally charged relationships develop between the workers and Lydia, the smart communication device.



Flamenco dancer Maria stages a dance theater about answering the question that is personally vital to her and to which she has no answer: “What will remain of me when I’m gone?”

short feature film


After her miscarriage and the separation of her fiancé, young YAEL tries to find a way back into the world, to restart her life and to reactivate her senses. But she’s not yet ready, physically and emotionally.

short feature film


The eight minutes of the silent day
of the mother and her child
in the new apartment after the divorce,
told in one take.


Destination Home

Affected by a Russian military attack and the loss of
what they call home,
refugees reorganize their lives in safe places
and wish to get clarity about their future.

feature documentary film

Magic Mountain

After Mariam reveals her secret, she travels to Abastumani, where people go to disappear with their own secrets. One day the building itself disappears, the people vanish and all the secrets are scattered to the wind.

short experimental film

The World
as a Phantom

“The world as a phantom” tracks down the phantoms of technization. The scenes are haunted by them or only suggest their absence. An uncanny feeling remains, since they are almost visible in their invisibility.


short feature film

Israel und Sara

Isaac, aged and broken, is visited by the granddaughter
of his recently deceased “eternal” childhood girlfriend Esther.
At the end of a life lived
that should have been another one.